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In preparation : Brocant'Arts

Before a hangar serving as a depot for buses from the city of Ajaccio, a garage serving as a flea market which currently continues, from 20 to 26/06/2022 "Brocant'Arts".
New collective exhibition of works of art organized by G.Events located in an atypical site, industrial architecture from 1930, in the heart of the city center with a space of 1000 m2.
From June 20 to 26, 2022, we are waiting for you to discover new creations.
A vernissage with musical entertainment will be offered, with artistic performances, on June 21, 2022 from 7 p.m., Rue Antoine Sollacaro - Behind Hôtel Ibis - Site d'Alban.
Website: www.gs-event.fr
Phone: 0623734352
See you soon !
Photo&Design Izabel Barsive.
Visual artist, professor UOF, Uottawa, Mentor, video editor, producer, DP

Natur'Arts : Digital Arts Exhibition

Air, sea, land, nature spoils us.
It is what nourishes us, inspires us, amazes us.
G.Events is organizing for the second consecutive year, a new exhibition from 05/1 to 30/2022, as part of the national nature holiday, Natur'Arts, on the various digital platforms.
Contact: email: contact@gs-event.fr - Tel: 06 23 73 43 52
Thanks to the participating artists: Monique Bailly, Nita Bertaudière - Marie-Céline Chottin - Sophie Lantelme.
Website: https://www.gs-event.fr

Pasqua Di L'Arti - The sacred arts exhibition April 2022

Digiral exhibition - Aquarell'Arts - Gallery

Videoclip Aquarell'Arts

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Story :

Stéphanie GIRARD: Founder of G.Events.

The Executive Director, Stéphanie GIRARD, began in 1994 as an intern in the production office of the street theatre company “Les Plasticiens Volants” in Lavaur.

In 1999, she created a cultural association at AJACCIO, A.C.I.B., (Cultural Association of the Isle of Beauty) in partnership with UNESCO. Numerous projects have been carried out on the island and on the continent.

In 2015, she founded an art agency.

Since then, organizer of 3 art fairs including two with POINT ART FAIR – BUSINESS ART, art curator for many exhibitions, charity auction, concerts,.


2021 : Past Events

Arti di Natale in Aiacciu - December 2021

Arti Di Natale, group exhibition of island artists organized by G. Events will take place from December 1 to 30 from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Sainte-Lucie Chapel - 79 Cours Napoléon at AJACCIO.
About ten works on the Nativity in painting will be presented.
At the same time, a book fair will take place from December 6 to 12 from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.
Free entry !
Contact phone: 0623734352 - 0611514842
Design and production of the french poster : Isabelle ALEGRE